Sick And Tired Of The Money coming in and not hanging around? Ready To Start Consciously Creating Your Abundance?




I was determined to find a way out of the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck. I mean, there had to be a better way to live.

And there is, and I’m here to show you how.


Have you ever just thrown your hands in the air and yelled – “I give up damn it!”?

Because no matter how hard you try or what you do, you never feel like there’s enough money and you just cant get ahead.


  • Are you wanting to attract more abundance and wealth into your life?
  • Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere no matter how hard you save?
  • Are you feeling blocked when it comes to money and prosperity?
  • Are you longing to be stress free and able to afford that long overdue holiday?


 If ANY of these sound like you – Here’s how I CAN HELP!!

  • Teach you how to Manifest Money the fun way.
  • Get your manifesting routine sorted so you can do it with your eyes closed
  • Reprogram your mindset to clear those crappy money stories you’ve had for YEARS
  • Reduce Stress – by moving yourself towards your financial goals
  • Attract more wealth into your life.
  • Have someone who’ll kick your butt when needed + will motivate and encourage you.
  • Create new habits around your money
  • Feel excited about your life and really start living again
  • Start mapping out and living your ideal money story.

I have ridden the roller coaster ride of prosperity myself and know just why those wild rides occurred. I will help you to get control of your life and finances. I went from being unemployed to having two jobs and thinking life was pretty good. Then went to having one part time job and $11,000 in debt to the government within a month. Fast forward two years and I am now debt free and loving life doing a job I absolutely adore. You can read more about it here.

 Would you like to try a Complimentary 30 Minute  “Dare to Dream” Strategy Session?

What if I told you that clearing money blocks is easier than you thought?

Schedule a call and grab a cuppa so we can have a chat about what’s blocking you from having the riches and financial freedom you desire. We’ll look at how we can set things in motion to move you towards changing your life for the better and get some money flowing back into your bank account. You’ll be kicking yourself that it took so long to find me!

This session is for women who:

  • Feel like they never have enough money
  • Find it hard to have savings in the bank
  • Feel like they have hit their income limit
  • Feel overwhelmed and discouraged
  • Feel greedy for even reading this far down the page!
  • Feel like they have no control of their life or money
  • Would love to feel empowered and excited about their future again

Click HERE to schedule a call, no pressure, just have a chat (usually $27 – Free during December)

(Hint – I ALWAYS give away some great tips on my discovery calls)